Friday, April 10, 2009

GNO - Girls' Night Out

Alexander's Steakhouse
My girls and I went to this fine dining restaurant before my chef friend left the establishment (and is now at the new Rosewood resort. I'll hopefully blog about that place soon after I find the time to visit it.)

The entrance features to aged meats and the high end cuts. Many are Wagyu selections from Japan.

The menu!

Complimentary Rose Champagne and a glass of a Red Bordeaux

Scallop appetizer
Made special from my chef friend. So generous! So tasty! The watermelon bits provided a nice texture with the scallops.

Hamachi Shots
Fresh hamachi and ponzu sauce. They recommend you take it exactly like a shot.

Palate Cleanser
Mandarin orange and ginger gelee
Melange a Trois
Beef 3 ways. 1) Kobe beef panini-pressed patty melt. 2) Braised Short Ribs. 3) Filet Steak with blue cheese crumbles.
And, a splurge with seared foie gras on top.

Filet Mignon

Bone In Aged New York

Mashed Potatoes

Mac N' Cheese

Beets and Greens

Creamed Spinach

Birthday treat for the "Birthday Girl"

Green Apple Cotton Candy!

Overall, a delicious and satisfying meal. Get ready for a splurge!

On a side note, the waiter/sommelier generously gave me a taste of the Louis XIII Remy Martin. The most delicious thing I've ever tasted!

(These pictures are courtesy of my friend, Alicia :) )

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