Monday, November 10, 2014

Biking around Lantau Island in Hong Kong

Coming from a bustling, chaotic convention crowd over in Hong Kong Island, fresh air and nature were needed to end the weekend.  Lantau Island is a perfect place to get your nature fix.

Thanks to my best friend, who currently resides in Lantau Island, we quickly rented bikes and were on our way to an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.  I'm so impressed with the bike paths - they are so safe and off the road.  It keeps everyone in their own sections preventing accidents for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles.

You can get all the sceneries around this island.  Greenery of trees and mountains, water, and cityscapes.  There's also the view of planes flying from the airport and the speed of trains whizzing by heading to Tung Chung and to the airport.  Water and greenery quickly blended with the rush of a city - it's pretty breathtaking and a great way to take a pause from the routine of life.

I really do love HK

Along the water

Lined with greenery

Tunnels, underpaths, overpaths

Riding back with the sunset

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Alvin said...

I just saw this post! So glad you enjoyed the workout... Well next time it's going to be an intense hike, are you ready for that?