Friday, July 25, 2014

Black Ginger at the Indigo Pearl Phuket Resort

A vacation with my best friend is not complete without at least one dress up meal.  Setting aside the beach flip flops for the night, we cleaned up and made ourselves presentable for our first and last nights' meals at the resort.

Black Ginger is truly an experience from the moment you enter the restaurants property in the Indigo Pearl Phuket resort.  The blue lit decor against the dark entrance guides you to a wooden porch.  From there, you wait for a floating platform to pull you across a moat.  (Seriously, it's such a cool entrance - it makes a statement for a memorable night ahead.)

You are greeted by the hostess who takes you to the outdoor bar if you wish to start your night there.  Then you are seated outside, in private rooms, or in the main restaurant inside.  I highly recommend the main restaurant because of the impressive decor.  The dark black wood contrasts the blue lights and industrial glass art pieces around and up along the ceiling.  It's modern, rustic, and industrial; and it sets the mood for a fun, yet refined dinner experience.

The menu is quite extensive.  Our choices were narrowed down because of allergies and our focus on Southern Thai cuisine.  My best friend and I have both frequented Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  So we are pretty familiar with the staple dishes and Northern specialties.  This was our chance to try what Phuket is known for.

Everything we ordered was so delicious.  It had that mouth watering blend of spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.  This Thai combination of flavors makes the food come alive.  The southern dishes highlighted more of the sour which really opens up your appetite for more food.  The best dish of our first and last meal was a salad using a local flower.  We were so fascinated with the flower that our server, who was so sweet and gracious to us, brought out the whole flower to show and explain what we were eating.  In our second and last meal, she brought out the chef to our table.  She's a local young-looking older lady who has been working at the resort's property for over 20 years outlasting the changes of ownership and the horrible tsumani in 2004.

The service and hospitality from these ladies and, of course, the remarkable dishes makes the Black Ginger a must dine experience if you come to the resort.  It's truly unforgettabe from the moment you step foot onto that floating platform.

(I mistakenly deleted my food photos on the flight back from Phuket.  It was a painful realization.  The photos below are courtesy of my best friend who has a brilliant artistic eye.)

Entrance into the restaurant property

Waiting for our floating platform

Dark wood atmosphere

Table decor

Lemongrass iced tea with simple syrup on the side

Amuse bouche
Winged bean salad and vegetable spring rolls

Yum Dok Dala
Dala flower finely chopped, mixed with diced chicken and enlivened with Thai herbs

Dala flower

Lab Pla
Grilled Barracuda fish fillets, tossed with chili, roast rice, fresh mint, coriander, and shallots

Hor Mok Pla
Hearty fish souffles seasoned with red curry, garnished with smooth coconut milk

Tom Som Pla
Traditional Phuket style fish soup flavoured with tamarind, lemongrass, shallots, and garlic.
This recipe is exclusive to Southern Thailand

Gaeng Leung Pla
Southern style fish curry.  Spicy and sour yellow fish curry with local vegetables

Bua Loy Ma Praw Orn
Black Ginger signature dessert.  Tender dumplings served in creamy coconut milk and young coconut meat

Khao Niew Dam Ka Noon
Rice pudding.  Boiled black sticky rice with sweet jackfruit served fresh out of the pot and topped with creamy coconut milk

Oh Aeiw
Traditional Phuket dessert.  Banana flavoured gelatin served with Champaka infused syrup on fluffy shredded ice, topped with corn.  This dessert is unique to Phuket and a favourite among locals

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