Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hong Kong Hype, Part 1: Tim Ho Wan

Eating is like appreciating art.  It's subjective to your preferences and not the opinions of others.  Modern day marketing, social media, and those wanting to be of "society" have changed some dining scenes.  Eating in certain cities and restaurants has become a status symbol, rather than the joy of good food and the dining experience.

Hong Kong used to be my favorite city in the world because of its eating and vibrancy.  Unfortunately, the city has rapidly changed in the past few years; actually, the change is incredibly evident in just this past 1 or 2 years.  British Hong Kong and that Hong Kong standard have vanished.  Orderliness has given way to the crowds and clusters of mainland China rushing in.  As for the food, there still is a lot of great eating and dining in Hong Kong.  However, you can't readily trust reviews or articles because it can just be marketing or popular because it's the place to be seen or to say you've eaten there.  So really it's a matter of trying it for yourself to determine: hype or the real thing.

Tim Ho Wan at the Hong Kong Station is not the Michelin rated location, but it serves the same food in a cleaner-ish setting.  There's always a crowd and a wait at all times of the day and night.  In general, a long line means it's worth lining up for, right?  No way.  What a complete let down.  The food is ordinary and the service is absolutely, ridiculously awful.  We ordered a lot, and they treated us as though we were an inconvenience for giving them business.  They rushed us to finish our meal by cleaning all the tables around us, putting up chairs, mopping the floors, AND turning off the lights and shutting down the front gate halfway.  Whaaat?  This is the food service industry?  This is what people line up for?  This is a reflection of Michelin?  Literally ridiculous.

Hong Kong Hype, Part 2: Catalunya.

English menu at Tim Ho Wan HK Station

Pineapple Bun
Pale and soft with no texture on top,
while lacking a punch of BBQ pork taste inside.

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