Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Tour of Lamanoc Island in Bohol

Aside from enjoying all that our resort had to offer, we were itching to go out and explore more of Bohol. Two years ago, we took a day trip around the island to the usual tourist destinations: the Chocolate Hills, the tarsiers, the churches, a river cruise, and even a butterfly farm. This time around, we wanted something new and different.

That left us with a tour of Lamanoc Island. An hour's drive further eastward, a short walk down stone steps and along a bamboo bridge, and a brief boat ride to the island.

Lamanoc Island is full of history (with the native inhabitants and early Spanish explorers) and mysticism (with stories of ghosts and witches). The island itself is full of limestone formations rich with the island’s history and colorful past. The guide is an elderly man who shares many mystical tales with fact and with humor.

If you’ve experienced the usual postcard activities of Bohol, a trip out to Lamanoc Island is definitely worth the trip, especially if you stop by and take a break at the Beach Bar after your tour.

If you can't see the slide show here, check out my Flickr album: Bohol Day Trip

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating way too well on a beach vacation

Amun Ini Resort & Spa has it all. And by “has it all” I mean they have that pristine private beach, five star resort service, AND five star quality food!

The main focus of all my travels, and for this blog, is my food focused adventures.

Usually on beach vacations, I worry that I shouldn’t eat too much. I may love food, but I gotta take pictures in my bikini! Let me tell you, it’s an on-going battle every day and every trip to eat well while staying healthy and in shape (Check out my Healthy at Home recipes to see how I balance eating well and eating healthy).

After one meal of a mere soup and salad (a delicious soup and salad, no less), I indulged on the menus’ carbs, fatty proteins, and sweets. And, wow, was it worth it and memorable. I’m still salivating over the tempura sweetbreads, beef cheeks, uni risotto, and coconut griddle cakes!
If you can't see the slideshow here, check out my Flickr album: Bohol Food

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A truly relaxing beach vacation at Amun Ini Resort & Spa in Bohol

There are so many advantages in living in Southeast Asia. One is definitely the plethora of beach vacation options. There are countless islands filled with resorts to take you away from the bustle and chaos of city life.

I have yet to explore the countries outside of my own because the Philippines is filled with beautiful, pristine destinations. From Manila, these getaways are a mere hour’s flight.

Originally my best friend and I had our minds set on Palawan. But, since it was peak season, flights were difficult to book and we had to make last minute plans if we wanted to proceed with our desire for a beach resort vacation. After hours of research, we found ourselves back in Bohol.

Two years ago, we took a day trip around Bohol from Cebu. We did the usual tourist highlights: the Chocolate Hills, pictures with tarsiers.. you know, all that’s on the Bohol postcards.

This time around, we found a resort away from the usual tourist destinations. Most Bohol resorts are located on Panglao Island, just off of Bohol. When my best friend and I travel, we look for places that peoples don’t usually go to. We want to really relax and we want that quiet time that not all beach resorts offer.

An hour and a half drive eastward from the Tagbilaran airport in Bohol is Anda. The quiet side for a few of Bohol’s beach resort. Perfect.

Amun Ini is a family run resort that mixes a rare combination of five star quality with a quaint, intimate, you’re-part-of-our-family feel. From the moment you enter, you are greeted as a welcomed guest. When you leave, you are saying goodbye to family and friends.

The whole resort is meticulously landscaped and decorated with local, Philippine material that makes you really feel like you are on a quality resort in the Philippines. The rooms are spacious and clean and give a vibe that you are at home, on the beach.

In our research for this resort, we chose it for two reasons. First, it has it’s own private beach. That’s exactly what we were looking for! The beach is pristine, blue, and serene. Plus, guests are give complimentary access to kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling.

And second, as with all our trips, the food! We read reviews that guests were more than satisfied with the food at the resort. We were beyond satisfied. It surpassed any expectations that we had. We were not expecting five star presentation and execution at a quiet, little resort like this. But more on the food in my next post..

For now, here are pictures of the beach resort.
If you can't see the slideshow here, check out my Flickr album: Bohol Resort

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exciting days ahead.. as my blog entries are making a comeback next week!

And!  The launch of an expanded Foodicles in two weeks!

Can't wait for you to see the new updates.  Until then, keep eating well..