Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating way too well on a beach vacation

Amun Ini Resort & Spa has it all. And by “has it all” I mean they have that pristine private beach, five star resort service, AND five star quality food!

The main focus of all my travels, and for this blog, is my food focused adventures.

Usually on beach vacations, I worry that I shouldn’t eat too much. I may love food, but I gotta take pictures in my bikini! Let me tell you, it’s an on-going battle every day and every trip to eat well while staying healthy and in shape (Check out my Healthy at Home recipes to see how I balance eating well and eating healthy).

After one meal of a mere soup and salad (a delicious soup and salad, no less), I indulged on the menus’ carbs, fatty proteins, and sweets. And, wow, was it worth it and memorable. I’m still salivating over the tempura sweetbreads, beef cheeks, uni risotto, and coconut griddle cakes!
If you can't see the slideshow here, check out my Flickr album: Bohol Food

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