Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mandarin Oriental, Chiang Mai

I've had the privilege of staying at a lot of amazing hotels. Hands down, The Mandarin Oriental in Chiang Mai is by far the most impressive and coolest hotel. You need a map to find your way around the property. And, to get around the property guests ride on "buggies", or golf carts. All the architecture takes you back in time (the property was built from ground up just six years ago). It mixes traditional/historical Thai and French Colonial architecture.

Here is a slideshow of pictures from the property:

Here are a couple videos of our villa:

Here is a video of our buggy ride from our villa to the main lobby. The main lobby was like approaching the castle at Disneyland:


Zinnia said...

That hotel is a DREAM. You can go on vacation there and never leave the property and still see so much stuff! I love how there was a weighing scale near the bathrooms - unless that was yours that you bring on all your travels haha. I also love how you had to shoo your parents away because you were recording. :) And you weren't kidding about the ride to the main lobby... even the sound of the buggy ride sounded like the trams going to Disneyland! You are living the life, my friend.

Angela said...

Thanks, Zin! Yeah that hotel was soo amazing! The scale was from the hotel, haha. I loved it! It was my gauge of how much I could/shouldn't eat per day, haha. And I was hoping no one would catch me shooing my parents away, hahaha. Of course you would see it... :)