Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Home Cookin'

I'm excited to announce that tomorrow I will be going to New Haven and New York City. I'm super excited to eat and share my food adventures from this trip!

But before that happens, I've been with my family eating some home cooked meals in preparation for a full week of eating out.

Scrambled Eggs with Mortadella Sausage
The eggs were cooked with Queso de Bola (Ball of Cheese, straight from the Philippines). The cheese was great because it's stronger than parmesan, melted nicely with the eggs, and was not oily.
The sausage was from Boccalone. It was made fresh the night before by Chef Cris Cosentino, according to his tweet.

This is one of my brother's specialty. It has such a great deep taste, while staying nice and refreshing. My dad toasted up the home-made croutons the night before. This dish makes for a great lunch.

Rudd, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2000
Smooth and full of fresh berries. This is perfect for pairing it with our steak dinner.

Greens sauteed with Miso

Fried Rice

Chimichurri Sauce

Onion Sauce
We learned this recipe from eating at our family's favorite Japanese restaurant in the Bay Area, Kyoya. It's the sauce we make every time we cook steak.

My dad has grilled up plenty of steaks, plenty of the best steaks. We have incredibly high standards when we order steak in restaurants. We've had steaks from Lobel's, Snake River, and so on. Our premium steak at the moment: Greg Norman Wagyu Steaks.

Look at that marbling!

My brother's Plated Dinner

Side Vegetables that compliment our Adobo Dinner




Kurobuta Pork Adobo!

Every pot of adobo that my mom makes is the best, this particular pot bested the best. Soo delicious!

Fruit Salad with Custard
Custard mix with Bananas, Pineapples, Cantaloupe, and Avocado

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Zinnia said...

Can I hire you to cater my bfast/lunch/dinner? LOL.